General information

UABS is your One Stop Solution. We expanded our product offering to include a full selection of Auto Body Parts(foreign and domestic) and Paint supplies. We offer competitive prices to help your needs.


We offer Cleaners, Thinners, Primers, Clearcoats, Razor Blades, Sandpaper, Respirators, masking tape, gloves, and more!

Universal AutoBody Supplies stocks a wide selection of automotive refinishing supplies in order to offer our customers top quality products at competitive prices. We carries Automotive Refinishing line includes products that will carry you from the beginning to the end of a refinishing project.

GenVerde, Lusid Technologies, 3M, PCL, Hystik, SunMight and Transtar product line includes: Degreasers, repair tapes, adhesion promotors, plastic repair fillers, seam sealers, and more!


UABS offers Auto Body Parts for a wide range of cars in stock. If we don't have your part in stock when you call, we can usually get it for you the same day while still offering excellent wholesale prices. Auto Body Shops depend on parts from ABS because we offer a wide selection of in stock parts, competitive prices, fast delivery, and high accuracy. We also offer CAPA certified parts upon request.

While the majority of the parts ABS offers are exterior auto body parts, we also sell a full line of cooling parts. We offer Radiators, Air Conditioning Condensers, Fan Shrouds, and Fan Assemblies. We offer an excellent 1 year warranty for leaking our cooing parts. Be sure to ask your sales representitive for details and remember to keep your receipt.


What is the Difference Between Aftermarket and OEM?

Aftermarket auto body parts are an excellent alternative to OEM, Original Equipment Manufactured, auto parts. Don't get trapped into the high prices of OEM parts when the competitive market of aftermarket and CAPA auto body parts is becoming an increasingly more popular choice for consumers and insurance companies.

The car parts sold at UABS are collision replacement parts that are deemed as cosmetic parts and do not affect the safety or integrity of the car. Federal standards are applied to headlamps and hood hinges for safety reasons, which UABS parts comply with. Furthermore, CAPA certified parts undergo stringent metal composition tests, including testing for rusting, chipping, and scratching.

When replacing a damaged part with an aftermarket part, rest assured that the overall warranty on your car is unaffected. Law prohibits warranties based on exclusive use of OEM parts. Likewise, the overall value of your car should not diminish once the car is repaired to it's pre-accident condition due to use of aftermarket parts.

Overall, aftermarket auto body parts give consumers the power to shop for the price and service they desire when replacing damaged car parts. It allows do-it-yourselfers to fix their cars without buying expensive parts through a dealer or middleman. UABS aftermarket auto body parts also allow Auto Body Shops and Collision Shops to remain competitive in today's market with competitive prices on replacement parts.